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Cheque Cashing

CCSA is the friendly High Street instant cheque cashing store for local communities. We offer many services to our customers :

Cheque cashing

Instant cheque cashing provides a valuable service for millions of people who find the convenience and friendly approach we are famous for very appealing. We cash third party cheques including wages, insurance and revenue.

Raising instant cash: The buyback agreement

Our buyback service enables customers to sell us an item but not lose it forever because within an agreed time they can buy the item back and pay a fee for the assistance given. Many people have the need for instant cash but are unable to obtain it when they want it. This service takes only a few minutes to complete and the customer leaves the store with the cash.

Foreign Currency: Holiday Money

We always stock Euros and Dollars, and can order any major currency for next day delivery. A small deposit is required for advance money orders.

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Other Services

We don't just do Cheque Cashing. You can also contact us about;

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Cheque Cashing